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About the Designer

Cyan Reign

Having graced the pages of Vogue, Fashion Trend, Cleo, QLD Brides and Ideal Bride to name just a few, Cyan has been snipping her way through the fashion industry for over 20 years. Her career started in 2001 with a meager savings of $1000 and her Grandmother's old sewing machine. From there she was self-taught and made basic garments for customers which paid her way through fashion college at MSIT.

During her time, she has taken out the top prize at the Jeans for Genes fashion competition while still a student along with being named finalist in a multitude of other awards such as Australian Fashion Designer of the Year, NRA Fashion Awards, the Australian Wool Awards, Ssideline and twice in 2Threads. Her designs have also been seen walking down the red carpet of the Arias, on stage with well known musicians and featured in music video clips.


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